Why is Meat SO EXPENSIVE? The Truth About FOOD PRICES [2021]

Did you ever asked yourself why beef has become SO EXPENSIVE? Today we will find out all the truth about meat prices! ? What other options we have? And when we should expect the prices to get back to normal. How we can afford food in this market and what’s coming in the near future.

In this interview we go deep into the challenges we are all having with the raising of the prices of food and try to find as much information we can about what is the cause and solutions on what can we do to prepare for the coming holidays season.

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  1. I want to send special thanks to Rolando and Eric for the time and inside information the share with the entire community and thank Broward Meat and Fish for allowing this ti happen… and thanks to you guys for the support we receive every day! Love y'all!

  2. Work at costco meat dept prices are crazy

  3. I love this, what great information Ninja. Keep up the great work!

  4. Great video ninja! Keep it up brother 👍

  5. Who dislikes this dudes videos, fucking haters!

  6. Great information, thanks so much!

  7. Great video!! No matter what our finances are like, there are things that we all must do! I get all my meat from my local butcher. I visit him as much as I can. They are the ones who know their customers. Budget time for me!! 😱😄

  8. amazing!!! this is the best news !!! Great job bro!!!

  9. This is incorrect. It is price gouging. It is BEEF that has jumped in price. Not pork or chicken. You can still get chicken thighs, legs for 99 cents a pound. Pork is about $1.99 a pound. There is no shortage of pork or chickens in the store. BEEF has doubled in price in 2 years. People staying at home working are not eating more than working at a job. Many restaurants are closed or limited hrs, so there should be excess beef not a shortage. It is price gouging. DON'T PAY IT! VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET!!!

  10. The companies don’t have to raise the price,s, they are just taking advantage of the pandemic to screw the consumer…

  11. Really nice episode. Branching out of what normally goes on here. Did a great job with it! Hope to see more kind of "insight" videos like this in the future just talking to experts and getting more knowledge about the industries that feed us.

  12. we live in crazy times. I am glad i live where i can raise a garden and some of my own animals, hunt and fish. i also can buy animals on the hoof and slaughter myself. I have never seen anything like what is happening …inflation along with the unwillingness of people to work…i work 80 hrs a week and could work more if i didnt need to sleep.

  13. we are historic inflation levels…its gonna get worse….things are not as good as people believe.

  14. Everything is expensive due to inflation of all this stimulus money and ppl want to not work as well

  15. Este video esta genial. The edition, the shoots, the questions all great

  16. Beef had been increasing in price before the pandemic but the last 18+ months have seen the prices spike even faster. So, it's not just supply or issues with employees or facilities…

  17. why do prices always skyrocket when a democrat gets in office? old gas station near me that closed 7 years ago still has thier gas prices board up at 3.77 a gal unleaded. i used to laugh at it when i drove by it and tell myself "thank god that is a thing of the past" now when i drive by i laugh because that sign is relevant again along with every other product in America with prices going up. atleast i dont see those mean tweets tho. lmao

    anyways off the political crap. i wish broward meat and fish came to ft. myers florida! everything you get from there comes out looking awesome and makes me hungry every video lol!

  18. Switched from ny strip to top sirloin

  19. One thing they didn't touch on is inflation. As more and more money is printed and given out as covid relief or child credits or whatever, the value of the dollar is less and less. For example, in the 70's, as a kid, I could go to the convenience store and get a soda, chips, a couple of candy bars and a hand full of penny candy. Today you can't get a half of a candy bar for a dollar. In 1971 we were taken off the gold standard and went on full fiat currency. Traditionally we run at 1.5% to 2% inflation per yrar. It doesn't take a genius to understand that an early 70's dollar is worth penny's in today's economy. We are going into hyperinflation. Stock up now to save money later. And it's really not a dollar, it's a federal reserve note. It's counterfeit money per the constitution.

  20. Covid shut down processing plants and meat goes bad after a while if they cant distribute it out on time; no workers.
    The farms that produce these meats have to slaughter their live stock and bury them to make room for the next stock.
    covid is causing us to go into a famine.
    Now they are forcing vaccines that shut out more than half of the population from working?

  21. Might be my favourite thumbnail on your channel. Great video too

  22. The real reason is inflation and the Biden administration

  23. Really good video👌 Ninja

  24. Always a surprise on Salty Tales! Ninja always teaches me something AND makes me hungry!

  25. Very informative Ninja… My wife and I recently went to our local supermarket to buy two rib eye steaks at $20.00 a lb. . A big mark up from $11.99 a lb in the past. So it's not the supply and demand it's the domino effect from the farms and the cost of feed going up , also and the short supply of workers getting the products to the store… Hopefully all this will go away soon. 🙏.. Thanks Ninja great video brother!

  26. Good stuff Ninja! Lots of great information.👍🏼

  27. It's called inflation. When most meat is GMO. I stay away from meat grow my own veggies. Everything is getting more expensive cause our dollar is crap. They keep printing money outta thin air devaluing the dollar each time they do it

  28. It's all this dumb potatos fault who is running this country in the ground. Thanks all who voted for this clown.

  29. this was great! i loved how you showed the business aspect of being a middle man of distributing the beef while also sympathising with customers affected, great video 😁

  30. I have been saying this the whole time… you cannot overpay people to stay home and expect them to go back to work. Im from Chicago… and every place has a NOW HIRING sign. My bank, the taco stand, my local pizza joint… doesn't matter. Everyone is hiring.

  31. I was in Miami two weeks ago and got to visit Broward Meat and Fish, loved it! Only issue is that i was in town only for 2 days, so i could not buy meat! Jajajaja

  32. Over regulation of industry, simple as.

  33. And here I thought it was all the youtubers buying/receiving meat for their channels! :=). Great video, Ninja.

  34. Con Agra gouging the people.

  35. 80/20 ground beef costs $13.99 a pound now!! But they sell 93% lean for $5.99 a pound! Whaaaa?

  36. Government is not the answer, but big part of the problem. All those stores and slaughter houses are having a hard time to find an affordable labor because nobody wants to work for the same amount as your getting from the unemployment check. They have to raise the price of the product to be able to pay higher wages. So, you, as a customer, will be paying double, because of the price hike, and ultimately those unemployment checks from government (which is also coming from your pockets).
    Wait until the inflation hits us.

  37. Cool video Brother, Like the outside meat better, much higher standards then the USDA. I even saw "Not American meat" stickers on meat in Asia. What happen to the Argentinian stuff?

  38. It's Joe Bidens fault the finger points straight at him!

  39. Funny how people wanna blame the workforce, when the federal min hasn’t change in 12 years yet the price of living has gone up an insane amount.

  40. lessor competition allows those currently selling to raise prices. however this has been happening since beyond the industrial age. peoples independent businesses being out competed by rich elites able to sell there goods for less! in turn those small business go bankrupt. allowing the big businesses to rise their price! the more of us relying on big companies to eat the higher the price!
    they don't treat there goods well and don't care what chemicals they put into it!

  41. I too buy cheaper cuts of beef these days compared to pre-Covid days

    cooking Pre Covid beef was mainly with salt, pepper & garlic …now i have to prepare some kind sauce or aus jus to improve the flavour of cheaper beef a little bit more… cooked my first steak with chimichurri last weekend 😆

  42. Looks like hunting season is going to be busy this year

  43. Don't blame me, I voted for mean tweets, $1.69 gas, low taxes and world peace.