Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak & Mushrooms

Waygu Chuck Eye Steaks

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Chuck Eye Steaks with Sautéed Mushrooms

***What You Need***
Chuck Eye Steaks
Your Favorite Steak Seasoning (PRIME BEEF)

Chuck Eye steaks often get overlooked and are thought to be a rough cut but trust me… they are tender, delicious BEEF!!!

Get you chuck eye steak seasoned up. I used our new PRIME BEEF RUB and not was it delicious!

Set your grill up for a two zone fire. This will allow you to sauté the mushrooms and sear the steak but give you the option to move them off of the heat.

Once the grill is ready to go, sauté them mushrooms in a cast iron skillet. I wait till they are cooked down before adding any seasoning. Once they are almost done, move the mushrooms off to the cool side and start searing the steaks. Flip the steaks often for an even cook and get a good crust on them. After a few minutes they should have a great color and crust. Place the steaks on top of the mushrooms on the cool side of the grill and add a couple of pads of butter. Place you meat probe in the thickest part and watch the internal temperature slowly climb to the desired doness. I shot for medium rare at 125. One you hit that temp, get the steaks and mushrooms off the pit and place on a dish to rest. You do not want them to over cook in the hot cast iron.

These turned out great and had an amazing flavor!! Give them a try!!

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