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okro stew

►SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: INGREDIENTS: * 2 lbs boneless Beef shank cut into desired sizes * Optional 1/2 lbs beef tripe * Optional 1/2 pound beef tendon * 1/4 pound smoked fish * 1/4 lbs fresh croaker fish * 1/4 pound mackerel cut into steak * 2 …

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How to make Smothered Liver and Onions

#HowToMakeSmotheredLiverAndOnions #LiverAndOnions #LiverAndOnionsRecipe #LiverAndOnionsRecipes #HowToMakeLiverAndOnions #HowToCookLiver #GinaYoungLiverandOnionsRecipe #HowToMakeSmotheredLiverAndOnions Hello Everyone welcome to my channel and thank you all for watching Liver and Onions make you some Gina Young Style you will be so happy you tried the recipe. I can’t wait to hear the comment on this recipe and what …

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