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Late Night Wagyu Beef Steak

#shorts #steak #a5wagyu #ribeye how to cook a wagyu ribeye (late at night) (: How to cook wagyu steak recipe American Wagyu or A5 Wagyu? What’s best Ribeye, New York Strip and Filet Mignon? ———————————— I buy all my Wagyu/Steaks/Fish from CrowdCow $25 off coupon on your FIRST order (: …

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Beef Bacon Steak #shorts

Beef Bacon Steak #shorts Butter basting a whole slab of beef bacon is my idea of a good time. But it has its drawbacks. Thinly sliced bacon has a high surface area to bacon ratio, allowing for optimal crispness and rendering. The opposite is true when the bacon slab is …

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