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Nastya decorates cupcakes for Halloween

Nastya prepares and decorates cookies and cupcakes for Halloween. Subscribe to Like Nastya – Instagram Tik Tok Facebook Các bạn đang theo dõi chuyên mục Học Online Web site: https://kinhtehaiphong.com Nội dung được tổng hợp từ internet. Vui lòng để lại bình luận nếu muốn đóng góp/ý kiến về nội …

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Nastya shares a recipe on how to make slime

Nastya does not know how to make slime, for this she needs a recipe. She and her dad go to the slime institute to see how slime is made at the factory. There they get the recipe and make the slime at home in 5 minutes. Subscribe to Like Nastya …

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Nastya and Dad take a family trip to Hawaii

Nastya and dad argue about the trip, but Nastya offers a compromise and they go to Hawaii and learn a lot about the culture of the Polynesians. Subscribe to Like Nastya – Instagram www.instagram.com/likenastya/ Tik Tok Facebook thể loại: Ẩm thực Link thể loại: https://kinhtehaiphong.com/am-thuc/ Blog: Kinh tế hải Phòng …

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