Seared Steak with Pan Sauce – You Suck at Cooking (episode 132)

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Seared steak is something you might want to try if you like steak and you enjoy burning things.


Streak Recipe:
Cook the steak the way I mentioned.

Also, check out these links, which some of this info was derived from. The Food Lab is an excellent resource for information that’s actually tested. And the steak myths link is also great.

If you still want me to write out everything from the I will. Just remind me please.

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  1. Spread
    Least forty minu
    Tes in advance?
    That’s not an acronym for SALT! You could’ve worded that like, SALT:
    T.wice for 40 minutes in advance.
    Or something like that.

  2. i was just thinking about how nice that pan looked, then BAM

  3. I don’t know how me watching politics lead to this video…. But this was the funniest, yet educational, cooking videos I’ve seen… ever. Gained a new sub.

    Edit: Rang the bell as well.

  4. Ysac
    An acronym to disguise your real name.
    Actually a scrambled variation of just that, hello Casy.
    You are now Casy in my mind.

  5. 0:58 that looks like 2 smaller steaks attached to each other lmao

  6. This guy has me laughing, I love it! This is what content is all about learning and entertainment!!! Thank you!!!

  7. I'm amazed how americans managed to put enough oil into the pan to deepfry meat, yet still end up eating it raw.

  8. the "only flip it once" thing only applies to cooking on a grill with open flame, not in a frying pan.

  9. Yooour stove sucks bc
    It’s not using gas.

  10. the best part was not going outside…………….. EVER .

  11. that smoke point thing is also a BAM, olive oil is perfectly fine

  12. Oil is for cars. Use clarified butter for cooking.

  13. Cast iron pan are OP

  14. props to Misen for sponsoring someone saying their product can be used on the floor or a dog

  15. i know you're joking about not using squirrel oil (fat) but it does have a pretty low melting point and burns/smokes at a lower temperature too. surprisingly yummy and doesn't give off [much] gamey flavors if you cook with it. beef tallow and/or butter is the way to go 😉

    no seriously squirrel fat is yummy af. adds some 'nuttiness' go figure lol

  16. What the hell am I gonna do with this Tardigrade oil? Most useless amazon purchase ever.

  17. Leggings are required for best steak
    BAM myth proven

  18. fake news! olive oil has very high smoke point!

  19. 4:48 Attention: don't heat it in the oven up to five hundo degrees and then pet the dog with it!

  20. I have never heard someone call my Beef Toast a "Steak"…

  21. That's a great sponsor.
    The pan is going directly onto my Christmas wishlist.

  22. the shot of you dancing in fishnets and a tight skirt made me feel an emotion that doesnt exist but im not opposed to it!

  23. That wasnt seared, that was scorched.

  24. I prefer my steak at inhaleable dust

  25. 4:19 ysak please let me go a day without questioning my sexuality

  26. BIG
    Misen stainless steel pan

  27. You're a cross dresser and you can't change my mind

  28. instead of that pan sauce just us worshtrshire sauce its so good trust me

  29. Unreal that in 2021 you still support the exploitation and murder of cows for entertainment and taste pleasure when it's 1) an unbelievably cruel industry 2) a massive cause of climate change 3) completely unnecessary and there are endless plant-based alternatives. Unsubbing until this becomes a vegan cooking channel. You should be ashamed.

  30. Best way to cook steak imo is leaving it under a magnifying glass for a while

  31. Pans with rivets suck! If only there was some other way to bond metal…..

  32. you are wwrong about olive oil
    it actually takes the heat way better than most the other oils