Luxor Buffet Las Vegas WORST BUFFET EVER

The Luxor Las Vegas buffet is open Wed.-Sun., 7 a.m.-3 p.m. The buffet price is $26.99.

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  2. Those weren’t scrambled eggs . It was cold 🥶 custard with added yellow food coloring., they should have been placed in the dessert section 🧐😅😜 … but at least the ketchup looked on ‘ point ..’ kudos to the Ketchup Chef….👍

  3. First time viewer, clicked on it because my family and I all got violently ill from the Luxor buffet last year. After watching that cook with your eggs, we know why now. Would never eat here again.

  4. Did he really just put those eggs in the pan? Wow. Manager time

  5. The fruit probably is plastic. I hear that industrial whining noise in the buffet area from the last time you reviewed Luxor Buffet. I couldn’t imagine being a line cook or server having to listen to that all day. So happy that you are revisiting some buffets as they reopen.

  6. This is still way more things to eat that you'll get for $50 at Resorts World (12 items).

  7. I bet those were refrigerated pre made eggs and someone just trusted the steamer to warm up instead of pre warming in microwave? You just got to them as they had just filled. Disgusting. Guess you need to go for lunch to get the “ good “ stuff. Chinese broccoli looked the best! 😂🤣 Thanks for the review, Derek and Cathrine.

  8. Derek was looking forward to sum hot scramble eggs …..cold azz eggs r the worst!

  9. There's no excuse for those lame feozen potato cubes or grocery store pastries either. For the price of the buffet they should be using real potatoes and baking fresh.

  10. Did that chef say sorry about those cold eggs? I don't seem to remember it. Not good.

  11. Still the worst…WORST buffet in Vegas. Why would you go there? You knew it was horrible a year ago. Two years ago. That buffet makes Golden Corral look like the Bellagio. Haha you got scammed by them. Again.

  12. of course I dont know how its TASTES… But is sure looks yummy.

  13. "Popcorn! Great for breakfast!" Lol. The entire review is singed with sarcasm, obviously didn't like this place.

  14. My BIGGEST Pet peeve Is spoon handles and tongs that people have touched numerous times, sitting on top of food!! Shut it back down immediately it'll never end…….plain GROSS

  15. I do not know I am pretty sure Arizona Charlies' buffet is the worst in Vegas

  16. Wow ! Luxor Buffet is back!

  17. i like how the chicken is "formed" lol

  18. I still want to try it and don't care for scrambled eggs.

  19. You should have gave your fresh cooked eggs to Catherine instead of yourself. Not very gentleman like

  20. It’s scary when you cannot identify what it is you’re eating! 😳 I want to know! 🤣🤣

  21. Catherine is the absolute best!

  22. That chef that made your scrambled eggs was nice 🙂

  23. I went there in 2019 because we had an M Life Reward and it was much better looking then. I do remember the bottomless mimosas being amazing! Seeing how we were able to eat cheap (2 for 1), it wasn’t anything to write home about….but it was good. I don’t think I would revisit after watching this though – also, that sushi looks suspish.
    Also, the fact that the man making the fresh scrambled eggs poured the excess oil or butter back into the large container is disgusting. That will cause bacteria growth…🤮

  24. They appear to be out of practice for such low quality

  25. I hope you guys put in a complaint

  26. WOW!!!! Thanks for the update. Sounds like no one is in charge of food quality. lol For $27 not worth it. Did not look impressive. so what do you expect from eating inside a Pyramid! lol lol It reminds me of the time you found a HAIR in your food. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! ok thanks for sharing………not the hair or cold eggs. lol lol We're coming the 20th to the Linq. We'll stay clear of the Luxor for eats. lol lol We love In/Out Burger, Secret Pizza and Shake Shack.

  27. Wow, That's crazy!! I had a similar experience at the AYCE buffet a couple years ago which is odd because that buffet was usually good and I had to tell the waitress and I even went and told the cooks that's how upset I was about it!! You're paying for a good experience and for the food to be made good and to standard so it really sucks when it's bad..

  28. I can't believe I'm watching this video again 🤣

  29. Yes, sir, it is! Even I won’t give it a 2nd chance! Mad props to you for doing it.

  30. Great video as always. Yea, ha, wow… that looked pretty bad, most definitely not worth the $27. Thanks for an honest review.

  31. for 26.99 you should go to the pepper mill for a better breakfast

  32. casino's have all the money in the world no excuses for a subpar buffet shame on them 27.00 dollars for that pathetic.

  33. Live the new cam…awesome

  34. wow, im so sorry they had such blah food for their big opening after being closed for so long. They used the cheapest ingredients and didnt even heat them some of them up before putting them out. We have what is called “The Greatest American Buffet” in Manassas, va, for only about 15 bucks and its beyond full of all kinds of foods. They need to take some lessons from our local Buffet. 😉

  35. No beef, no will go ever. They did not even pass the egg test.

  36. its too bad the eggs are nearly ice cold. hopefully enough people complained vs just quietly eat or put them aside, so that they will fix that issue.

  37. I am staying there next month and the buffet wasn't on my places to go to. After seeing this it never will be. How do you serve cold scrambled eggs? Insane

  38. No smoked salmon, no shrimp? If more than $4.99 you got ripped off.

  39. Hard pass. Thank goodness you two took one for the team.

  40. That food looked pretty bad even without tasting it. Luxor needs to rethink the menu and maybe retool the quality assurance procedures. In Hawaii, the ice cold eggs would be a health code violation.

  41. Honestly, for $30 I would have rather gone to Denny's for a couple of Grand Slams. At least it comes to your table hot! I can't believe they would charge $30 for this buffet. Hopefully the manager of the buffet will see your video and step it up a notch. Or I guess I should say several notches.

  42. Hi can you do Herb and Rye Steak House please

  43. NO WAY… overpriced garbage…no pride in their presentation… can't believe nobody is temperature testing…no seafood at all…syrup but no pancakes or waffles…just awful!

  44. Popcorn in a buffet? That's sad! Hopefully they'll see this video and get their acts together! I'm pretty sure I could have a delicious fulling breakfast at Ihop for $26.

  45. cold scrambled eggs – yikes

  46. I'm dying! Eggs, eggs, lots of eggs. 🙉

  47. You never had scrambled egg sherbet?😂 What the heck!