ITALIAN STREET FOOD in Tuscany 🇮🇹 1.5kg Florentine Steak + PANINI INSANITY in Siena, Italy!!

This is Siena, an ancient town which has become a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has a ton of amazing things to offer… One of which being DELICIOUS ITALIAN STREET FOOD!

For breakfast, we went deep into Siena’s historical centre to Gino Cacino di Angelo for their famous paninis. We ordered their eggplant specialty panino, and their porchetta panino. It was a perfect breakfast! You can also order amazing charcuterie boards and a wide variety of Italian wines. After a little sightseeing around the medieval squares, we stopped at a local caffe for a double espresso (doppio espresso). For lunch, we went to a super local “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant called Osteria Il Grattacielo dal 1840. For lunch here, there is no thực đơn and you order either the “cold” lunch (Tuscan cured meats & cheeses) or the “hot” lunch (pasta). We both opted for the hot lunch, and had two different kinds of tagliatelle – one with pesto and the other with pomodoro and . We washed it all down with the house wine, which was the best wine we had in all of Italy. For dessert we tried a unique treat called Cantucci e Vin Santo. The cantucci is essentially biscotti and Vin Santo is a strong, sweet wine. They pair by dipping the cantucci into the vin santo, which was surprisingly good!

Since it was our last day in Italy, we popped into a traditional wine shop called Cantina in Piazza and picked out several bottles of Tuscany and Italian wines to bring home. After a short break, we drove outside the city of Siena to the countryside of Tuscany. There, we went to a restaurant that specializes in Bistecca alla Fiorentina. This massive chunk of steak is seared on high heat briefly and is served shortly after almost raw. You can choose different types of beef, whether you prefer bone in/out and how many KGs you would like. We also ordered their risotto, since we didn’t have the chance to try it in Milan.

Gino Cacino di Angelo
Piazza del Campo
Torrefazione Fiorella
Duomo di Siena
Osteria Il Grattacielo dal 1840
Cantina in Piazza
Il Grillo Moro

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  1. nice video guys but I need to ask you this. why tagliatelle???? you were in Tuscany and the tipical kind of pasta of that area is Pici. well, next time I sure you'll try it, right? 😉

  2. What was the name of the final restaurant?

  3. Now you too are members of the "scarpetta club"!! Always nice exeriences!! Buon viaggio raga!!!

  4. Italy has the best food, fashion, shoes, history, beauty and the list goes on……..


  6. It is PANINO singular and PANINI plural!

  7. Signore giuseppe maria e i santi tutti pronti a scendere, ti prego metti giù quel coltello che spaventi le tagliatelle

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  10. Haha funny when you said its a type of beef called Manzo beef. manzo means Beef. So you called it Beef beef hahaha.
    Great video! 🙂

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  12. Panini is plural. Basics are difficult.

  13. Sbaglio o li hanno rifilato una costata spacciandola per una Fiorentina?

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  16. Please please please stop using mandolins on the soundtracks when talking about Italy ! It's so a common and annoying way to intruduce our country…😒

  17. Manzo is just the italian word for beef.

  18. What’s with the MR steak crap,,,,,,I am with Obama,,,,it’s my steak,,I am paying for it,,, and I want it medium plus

  19. I lived in Italy for three years, just northeast of Pisa, close to Lucca. Loved every minute of my time there.

  20. "It's a type of beef called 'manzo' beef". How many times have you been to Italy? How do you not know that manzo is the Italian word for beef? "Yes this is a special kind of beef called beef". 🤡

  21. Senesi torbi la fiorentina va' fatta frollare a modo ,senno' risulta chewy ,gommosa come ha notato i pischello canadese, un sete boni a una sega,sete genti da costoleccio, ci fate fa' figurette co' tutto 'l mondo.

  22. bonne apetit miamiam hummm

  23. You were a bit unlucky about the whether, glad you enjoyed my hometown though! Hopefully you'll come visit again! Il Grattacielo is one of our "vinai" (now "osteria"), most of us locals have had launch or dinner there – or even better, a "champion breakfast"! 😀 Vinsanto and "cantucci" (the typical biscuits you had) are a huge classic!

  24. These videos make me feel like I’m in Italy and enjoying it. Always wanted to visit there! Those sandwiches are incredible!

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  29. "Italian street food" sounds like a slur.

  30. You ate a "Costata", not a "Fiorentina", the fillet is inexistent. Tuscany (like Rome) is famous for its "tourist cheating"; to Italians too. But it is not enough; after looking at the color of the meat, that was not "Chianina". That restaurant does not deserve to be advertised.