I Ate Disney World's BEEF FAT CANDLE

It’s time for another Disney World review! This time Molly is headed to one of the most popular — and expensive — spots in all of WDW: Le Cellier. This EPCOT steakhouse has been a fan favorite for years, but is it worth the hype? Molly’s doing a full review including a … BEEF FAT CANDLE? You read that right. Find out if it’s a winner or just weird now!


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  1. We haven't had the pleasure of trying Le Cellier yet, the food looks amazing, but as a family of 6, I just can't see spending $600-700 for one meal.

  2. It was a dangerous idea to watch this whilst hungry 😛

  3. I tried so hard to get a reservation for Le Cellier when I was there in May….boo, couldn’t get one! Living vicariously through you!

  4. That bread basket looked a little naughty LOL

  5. Any restaurant with the word steakhouse in it automatically means too expensive for me lol ?!

  6. Molly, you should come review Todd English’s bluezoo at the Swan and Dolphin ?

  7. It's one of my favorite restaurants because they can make their poutine gluten free!

  8. Disney does do a great job with food service quality. However, the cost has gotten outrageous in recent years. Four 4 day hopper passes is around $2,000 now ?.

  9. Never had bad service or food there. The filet is to die for.

  10. I love Le Cellier. I've heard some people have had mixed experiences but I've been twice and it was amazing both times. Also, I think I sat where Molly is sitting the first time so a little fangirl moment seeing that XD

  11. No DDP now, but it would be helpful to know if the place takes part in DDP and the cost.

  12. Great review. Food sounds fabulous! By the way, love your sunglasses. What are they?

  13. I would gladly go on any charcuterie adventure with you! Wow, it all looks amazing!

  14. Looks yummy! But Molly, you've been pronouncing "Boursin" all wrong! It's more like boor-san, with the accent on the second syllable. You can do this!

  15. How about a less fancy place to review next time? Sci-Fi Diner or Beaches & Cream?

  16. This looks amazing! I hope we can make it when we go

  17. Molly I wish we could be actual friends in real life. You are adorbs!

  18. Why do you keep saying “I hope you are hungry“? …The only person eating is you. ?

  19. I like Le Cellier I make the cheddar soup all the time at home

  20. We are here once and LOVED it! I dream about their ice wine flight.

  21. I wasn't to impressed with this place. My filet was a little more cooked than i wanted. Maybe one day I'll try it again.

  22. the only thing the Canadian Pavillion is missing is Tim Hortons!

  23. I've never been to Le Cellier but I am not a steak person. A while back I messaged you about whether I should do Rose and Crown or this and I'm happy to say that I decided to go with both! I planned it out so that on the day I arrive, Rose and Crown will be my first meal and lunch during the trip! I'm going to Le Cellier specifically for the desserts but on a different day! I'm just super curious about the desserts and want to try them badly! And yes, I will get the Cheddar Cheese Soup but at the booth outside so I can save the Disney Dollars! LOL

  24. Love you Molly!! I enjoy all the videos and find you very fun and entertaining!

  25. Day 3 of asking for Molly to do a “one color for a day” challenge! She can only wear that color, eat foods of those color, and ride in ride vehicles that are that color.

  26. Man I want that charcuterie board!! Yum

  27. Show us an empty plate one time. U never eat all the food because its bad

  28. Why dont you eat all the food? EVERY EPISODE YOU EAT TWO BITES. THE WHOLE CAST FOES SAME THING TEO BITES SND DONE Just be honest You dont pay for food and DONT eat all the food its a waste in 2021

  29. Ok that Cesar is missing it's rim and celery/other crazy toppings, it is lacking also the poutine there is bad compared to what you get here in Canada. I think the pavilion does not do justice to us as a country.

  30. I am from Canada. I drink my Caesars with a tsp of horseradish and tobasco sauce, coat the rim with celery salt and add a pickled asparagus inside. Highly recommend !!!

  31. There is never enough bread on the charcuterie boards for us.

  32. We need a video looking for the best charcuterie in Disney restaurants!