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Let’s make y’all some beef bacon! We promised it in one of our recent videos ( today is that day! We have beef bacon that we argue will rival pork bacon! We get all kinds of questions like: do you make beef bacon, do you sell beef bacon, what is beef bacon, and what does beef bacon taste like? We’re here to show you. This video is the ultimate guide to beef bacon brought to you by The Bearded Butchers.

Where does beef bacon come from? Separate the beef chuck from the rib. You’ll have the beef rib remaining and we’ll move the focus to the beef plate. Remove the outside beef skirt steak from the beef plate, cut the plate a little wider than normal since the focus is bacon and not ribs. Remove the inside skirt. Cut off the beef ribs (these are the same cut as pork spare ribs). What’s left (3:37) is the slab of beef bacon (same cut as a pork belly).

After the beef bacon is cut, here’s how to cure beef bacon using Scott’s Just Plain Vanilla (JPV) Method for curing:

1) Fill a meat lug (or similar container) with 2 gallons of fresh, cold water.

2) Add 2oz of cure. We used Celery Juice Powder but you can substitute the same amount of sodium nitrate (aka pink cure or curing salt). The amount of cure is dependent on the amount of water (1oz cure per gallon of water). You just need enough water to be sure all of the meat is covered. For a healthy slab of bacon, 2 gallons of water is usually sufficient.

3) Add 2lb of sea salt (table salt is fine too) to the water/cure brine.

4) Submerge (fully submerged, put something like a ceramic dinner plate on top of it or it will float) the bacon slab in the brine and put it in the cooler or fridge for 10-14 days.

5) We seasoned half the bacon with our Black Seasoning before we smoked it which you can find here (just pick your desired size). If you buy a bucket you’ll get a không tính tiền shaker with it! The slab has been cured so there’s no need for a binder, just pour on the seasoning.

6) You’ll want 2 bacon hangers like this if you’re using a smokehouse to put in the smokehouse.
6a) If you want to smoke the bacon slabs on something like a Traeger, check out our other (pork) bacon video at and skip to 20:25. Check out the rest of that video for plenty more bacon making tips.

7) Slice the bacon. We recommend using the MEAT slicer that you can get here This 10″ slicer is great for bacon, jerky, or anything else that you might make at home.

8) Fry up the bacon! We LOVE the 36 Blackstone that Scott used!

Check out 10:36 to see a great side by side of pork bacon vs beef bacon after they are cured.

Be sure to check out our retail store at If you stop by after the video, we’ll have some beef bacon for sale for anybody that wants to try it (while supplies last). Be sure to call ahead and make sure we have beef bacon in stock!

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