How to Make a Chopped Cheese Sandwich on the Blackstone Griddle

is so delicious and so easy, especially if you make this on a Blackstone griddle or any other type griddle. The sandwich is similar to a cheesesteak / Philly style cheesesteak recipe, but uses ground beef or traditionally, burger patties, like two 1/3 pound patties with American cheese. It’s good groceries ya’ll and you’ll want to try it yourself.


1-1.5 lbs 80/20 ground chuck
American Cheese
Duke’s Mayo
Ketchup (optional, but traditional)
Whatever else you want.

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  1. Great sandwich. I will be doing these for my family.

  2. I don’t understand people who have issues with American cheese. It’s basically cheddar cheese with extra milk and a little sodium citrate added. It’s like mellow cheddar cheese. It isn’t cheap cheese or artificial cheese. By the way, sodium citrate is as natural as the other ingredients. I know this about American cheese because I’ve made it using the ingredients listed above. Disclaimer: don’t buy the super cheap stuff. You will know it’s garbage if it has water listed as the first ingredient. Finally, I hope that you gave the dog some meat. If not, please fix that Monday night. Dogs need good groceries too! ? ?

  3. This is not a chop cheese at all, the seasoning and the Mayo no no no. You will never go in a bodega in NYC and get something like this. There are better more authentic chop cheese videos out there.

  4. Dang'it, boy! Thank looked amazing and the storm was cool! We need rain so bad. I sure wish we'd get a storm like that up here in Minny. I've GOTTA try that chopped cheese. Do you know what kinda spice blend is in that Blackstone spice? Thanks for the awesome video! Take it easy, Husey!

  5. Making these tonight as I type!! Can't wait. Just wish I had some cheer wine left!!!!

  6. Heck yeah looks great thanks for sharing Hussey. I do want to try this delish dish.

  7. Hussey try this out with white American!

  8. I enjoyed that thunderstorm as much as the sand which. I live in the California desert and never get to see a storm. I miss them.. going to try the sandwhich

  9. Great video!

    On a side note…
    Just had my first CheerWine!
    Are there any Support Groups?
    I’ll keep you updated, but addiction is sure to follow?

  10. @ 4:15 When you have to cut veggies tonight and defend your kingdom tomorrow morning.

  11. I have a tip for your daughter's sandwich–or anyone's really:
    Wrap the sandwich with wax or parchment paper before cutting. Wrap it nice and tight and let it sit for a minute then cut. I usually put the cut ends together and then wrap in aluminum foil. In case you can't finish both halves you can save half for later ??

  12. Noice! Glad you didn’t lose power! Great video as always.

  13. This guy knows how to cut some thick lines!!

  14. Now that's reality TV! Thanks Matt!

  15. you had me at martins hoagie buns and dukes mayo and american cheese ..

  16. Wow, that thunderstorm. I had chills because I have a fobia for thunderstorms ever since the lightning struck only a couple of meters from my bedroom when I was a baby. I can handle it now, but it will never be my favorite kind of weather. The dish looked VERY yummy. Perfect combi, I prefer your wife's choice of cheese, or even some Dutch cheese that melts good. ??

  17. Excellent work! Yes, in NYC we start with burger patties, but that's for portioning at the bodega. These look great!

  18. dude its a hamburger without the burger

  19. Delicious!!! Be safe out there!

  20. Always wonder why we don’t cook more loose ground meat on griddle so much cooking surface.definitely gonna make one of those..

  21. It’s a chopped cheese [burger]