How To Download TikTok Ad Library Videos | Save TikTok Ads Video

Today i’ll show you and successfully save the TikTok ads video on your device to use on your own advertisements, Lately i did make a video tutorial on how to use TikTok Ad Library to find winning ad sets so you can discover new products and right now new features has been added to the ad library and i will mention them in the video too but the main goal of this tutorials today is to show you how to download those videos from the newly launched TikTok ad library and save them to your device without any watermarks on the ads video.
And saving those ad videos actually can be tricky because they do include a watermark on the video if you tried to download them but i did figure out a work around for it.

TikTok Ad Library :

How To Use It Video :

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And i have accumulated some experience in multiple fields over the years jumping from project to project (Which wasn’t a good idea), I started this Youtube channel after a year of hesitation to share my knowledge and experience with people that are willing to succeed online with the theory of knowledge for everyone.

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  19. What’s your honest opinion on TikTok ads? I’ve seen a lot of data tracking problems since the IOS update on fb ads, do you think that switching to TikTok ads is worth it ( for all niches ) ? Last question do you see TikTok ads good for clothing and home decor ? Good channel and very entertaining way to present the information 🙂

  20. How to download at once is that possible
    Actually one one video its very much time consuming

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