Caesars Palace CLOSING Rao's Italian Restaurant Las Vegas

Las Vegas Italian restaurant Rao’s is closing at Caesars Palace after 15 years.

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  1. All You Can Vegas

    Are you subscribed to our second channel Derek and Catherine?

  2. Bread should be free and WOW! that $40 shrimp scampi

  3. Where is the Bread for the Meatballs??

  4. Friends were there in December and thought it was okay… albeit way overpriced for the portion size (which is expected in Vegas). Of course, Italian food is probably the most subjective among people, too. The waiter saying it’s Celine Dion’s favorite is such a typical douchey Vegas comment. Lol!

  5. I would have loved to try this place. I am completely fine without the bread basket, free or not. Thanks for another great video ?

  6. How many times did Derek say moist ? Thanks guys

  7. As I recall, we ran into charging for bread years ago in Europe. The bread was on the table in a basket. After the meal, the waiter would count the number of pieces eaten and add to the check.

  8. I used Raos sauce at home. Eaten there a couple of times and everything was superb. So sorry to hear it's closing. Thanks for giving the dates.

  9. alexis e. castillo

    The bread should be free! that may be why they’re closing lol

  10. Anybody left in Vegas?

  11. $40. Shrimp Scampi and no bread to wipe up the sauce? It shouldn't be $4.99 but you should have gotten it!

  12. Rao’s should close at those prices, or perhaps it explains why they are being closed down…rip-off…
    $14.99 for mashed potatoes? Are they preparing for an American potato famine?
    Also, when you have to name drop to sell a dish of fancy overpriced chicken, then it’s just crap…like Celine’s music…

  13. What? That's it, a lump of chicken no pasta or veg. RIP OFF. Just horrible.

  14. The bread should be free but I could not eat those appetizers without bread and they know it. That' why they charge.

  15. Oh that sucks. No chance to get into the one in NYC but I did eat here. Was great.

  16. Derek eyes popped out when he ate the lemon chicken !!!!

  17. Restaurant's are closing everywhere thanks to Biden. F*** Joe Biden!

  18. I wager you do all of the poor table manners, the fumbling of utensils and chopsticks would be on purpose for the comic value of the channel? Right? You remind me of Kramer on Seinfeld rolling those eyes around. Stuffing your month with so much food you can’t comment and having to push the food back in with your other hand. The wife and I get a kick out of it. One suggestion the buffets, one plate at a time just a couple items so they stay hot during consumption you might be happier with that. Oh you can always go back as many times as you would like. It’s a buffet. Oh and yes we do live in Las Vegas.

  19. Geo Gent-flowerman5

    It amazes me Derrick that one would pay $11 for 1 $2 worth of meatball. I know that one goes for the ambience and the 'brand' but come on…. No wonder they're closing. Been going to Vegas since I was 17yrs old in 1970. So much has changed and some not for the good. Love your posts, thanks for your in put as always

  20. Rao's: You expect to pay through the nose in Vegas but I like my homemade Italian meatballs & sauce a lot more than their overpriced jars in the grocery store. I can see why it's closing. It's so old school that young people these days don't even know that this is a 'celebrity' joint. When lg. shrimp (16/20) goes on sale at Albertsons, it's $10 bucks for about 25 shrimp. Tons of good scampi recipes on YT. js.

  21. Ok Charging for a bread basket! Really !!! Terrible.

  22. They have definitely mastered the meatball….best thing there!!!

  23. You guys should enter Hotdog eating contests ?

  24. I’m shocked