ASMR VIETNAMESE FOOD MUKBANG món ăn VN bánh xèo 베트남 음식 먹방 @Lily ASMR 릴리

Hello~ It’s me Lily~*
, I prepared Vietnamese food (Banh Xeo, Nem)!!
Please enjoy watching delicious Vietnamese food videos!! (* ̄3 ̄)╭

안녕하세요~ 릴리예요~*
오늘은 베트남 음식(반쎄오, 넴)을 준비했어요!!
맛있는 베트남 음식 영상을 즐겁게 시청해 주세요!! (* ̄3 ̄)╭

# VN

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  1. *Hello~ guys!!
    I can't add subtitles, so I'll briefly explain the food!

    1> Bánhxèo is a Vietnamese food made from rice flour dough, topped with vegetables, seafood, and meat, folded into a half-moon shape and fried.
    2> Nem is a Vietnamese spring roll filled with rice paper and then rolled up and fried. It is similar to Chinese spring rolls. The filling is made by mixing ground pork, vermicelli, shiitake mushroom, bean sprouts, onion, pepper, and salt.

    #Nuoc Mam Sauce: 'Nuoc' means water in Vietnamese, and 'mam' means salted fish or meat, which is fermented. It is often used as a seasoning to match the sauce, and is also used as a dipping sauce for dipping foods such as jjajo.

    Then I hope you enjoy watching it~!!
    Love you~~💖

  2. Smooth crunchies there sis Lily 😳👍 it was so fun watching you make those wraps~ yummy Vietnamese menu today ♡🤗

  3. tasty Vietnamese food 😀
    they all look tasty and refreshing

  4. Wowww you prepare today's menu so nicely uri Lilyyy 💚💚

    So yummyyy!! Happy watching until the end dear 💚💚
    I love Vietnamese food too, have you tried Pho? Its really popular too (* ̄3 ̄)╭💚

  5. Your food looks delicious and mouthwatering ❤️❤️❤️

  6. เธออัปคลิปตั้ง5ชั่วโมงที่แล้วฉันสายตลอดเลย😢

  7. Looks delicious 👄👅👄

  8. enjoy your mukbang
    new friends sending love see you around

  9. I’ve been wanting to try vietnamese food. And you really proof that these are amazingly delicious 🤤 is that some kind of spring rolls the one that in front of the sauce bowl? 2:35 or 4:00? 🤣🤣Looks very tasty and super crunchy 🤩 perfect balance when you have fried food and raw veggies. Good for you 💕💕
    I hope you are doing well and stay healthy my dearest Lily! Like 14 😍

  10. you who eat me hungry hehe

  11. Everything looks so yummy

  12. 순대처럼생겼는데 맛은어떤가요
    야채쌈소리 신선하고 오이향이
    솔솔 코앞에서 춤추는 💃💃것 같아요🌟🌟

  13. 여러나라에 음식을 알게 되네요
    이번에 베트남 먹방 ~~😋😋
    쌀국수밖에 몰랐는데~~👍👍

  14. Wow look at all that food, so so delicious <3 that crunch perfection

  15. Vietnamese food Ngon qua… I love those salad rolls but you have to soak the rice paper in water first so it becomes soft and is easy to roll and it sticks together. Great video and healthy meal Lily 👍

  16. Liked and watching now!

  17. Que delicia 😋 buen provechito,mi pulgar con cariño 👍💕

  18. Vietnamese food 😍
    Another super duper delicious food
    Drooling here
    Love it sis

  19. 반쎄오와 넴(?) 이군오!! 처음 들어봤어용 😳😳 전 베트남 음식중에 쌀국수를 좋아해영!!! 제일 처음에 드신건 월남쌈처럼 생겼네용

  20. Viatnemes food so tasty and halty 🤤 my mouth is watering