6 Steak Temps (Ketchup – Vampire) #shorts

6 Steak Temps (Ketchup – Vampire) ?

How do you like your steak cooked?

Well done: 163F (16% loss)
Medium Well: 153F (12% loss)
Medium: 143F (10% loss)
Medium Rare: 133F (8% loss)
Rare: 123F (5% loss)
Blue Rare: 113F (2% loss)

As a rule of thumb, fattier cuts can be cooked to higher temps while leaner cuts more rare.

Note: these steaks are all sousvide meaning there was no carryover (carryover is the additional rise in temp once taken off the heat source which ranges from ~10-20F degrees). Meaning if you want a medium rare steak as seen in this video (using a pan or grill), you will need to pull the steak off the grill 10-20F degrees prior to 133F degrees.
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  1. Max the Meat Guy

    How do you like your steak cooked?

  2. All the way done Respectfully please and thank yu SiR

  3. Blue rare. Especially fillet, eye round, hamburgers. No joke.

  4. umm i throw that shit on the grill after it marinates in zesty Italian dressing for about an hour and WELL DONE

  5. I personally will only eat Well done. Anything else and I’ll cut it and end up getting sick just by looking at it. As it is a get all icky just eating thinking about what kind of meat I’m putting in my body. So yeah. That shiz better have no red or be Burt for me. Oddly enough I really like Burt foods, it gives this char kinda taste?

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's parents thought anything under medium well was raw!
    Honestly though, not a fan of steak…at least not the medium well

  7. I've never tried anything besides well-done because we kinda buy cheaper meats and don't wanna get sick. But one day I'll try medium welldone!

  8. Med rare

  9. Its either well done or nothing honestly, you can keep that rare shit lol

  10. Chicago

  11. Well done

  12. Vampire as long as its warm

  13. parkour and games

    100% raw

  14. therapist: it’s ok people who eat raw steak don’t exist
    mfs who eat blue rare:???

  15. Still undercooked

  16. Well done?

  17. Isnt the blue rare like the steam from roadhouse that he didn't even boder to eat?

  18. Well done

  19. Medium rare to well done

  20. 6 cooks my ass…rare is ok..but med rare best way…remember the cow is already dead..become a vegan if your going above med. Rare

  21. Well done for life

  22. Blue rare, all day.

  23. Anxiety Overload

    Is blue rare technically safe to eat? Considering it’s barely cooked.

  24. Medium rare or rare (12yo<3)

  25. AbsoluteBreadMan

    Honestly, I grew up with Well-Done, and despite people saying it's the worst, she cooked steak pretty well nonetheless.

    Medium-Rare is good too, honestly anything above Blue-Rare is a win for me.

  26. Rare for sure

  27. Medium is way too cooked for me

  28. I don’t like steak

  29. Rare or medium rare

  30. Medium rare

  31. Medium well looks so good

  32. Blue rare :~]

  33. Admiral Snackbar

    I'm a vampire apparently ?